November 10, 2019

Welcome To Notester

Hey there! Welcome to Notester. This is our very first blog post! 🙂

Notester was started for very simple reasons. We want to help students to have better access to education resources as reasonable prices. Also, we want to help students earn extra pocket money from themselves.

We design Notester to be easy to use. For example, it takes less than 5 minutes to start an account on Notester and upload study notes to sell.

Selling on Notester is simple and easy. All you need to do is to upload your study notes. Our system operates by itself; it helps you collect money from customers and send the uploaded notes to them.

Your earnings will then be transferred to your Wallet where you can withdraw to your PayNow account. Alternatively, you can spend your earnings on study notes by other sellers as well!

By launching Notester, we hope students can enjoy a variety of study notes - at low prices. We want students to share their cheat sheets and study materials so that other students can benefit too.

Selling on Notester is easy! Start selling today! 🙂

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