H2 Econs A level notes by straight A RI graduate


Hi there!

I took my A levels in 2019 and I graduated with 7 As. If you need some proof, sure just dm me. 🙂 I was doing well throughout JC as my notes benefitted me greatly. I have also received good reviews on my notes! Check out my reviews to find out more. I was from Raffles and I mostly based my notes from school notes (which was already good to be honest) , tuition notes and tutorials! But my notes are more consolidated and quicker to revise come exam time.


My style of econs notes are special because:

👍🏻 precise and well-organized!

👍🏻 tabulated, point form, no long paragraphs!

👍🏻 has EVERYTHING you need to know!

👍🏻 based off RI school notes


Includes the following topics:

- market failure (other topics didn’t think it was necessary to make notes. Practice for them is more important)

- ALL J2 topics


No. of pages per topic: mkt failure - 21 KEI - 8 ADAS - 7 macro aims - 17 macro policies - 11 globalisation - 20

My notes contain **ALL** the knowledge required. 🙂


*COMPLIMENTARY GP NOTES* I have some GP notes too, but these were type written and merely based off tuition notes. I’ll give them for *FREE* if you purchase any of the subjects: Chem/ Physics/ Econs. Just let me know. 😊

*COMPLIMENTARY PAST YEAR PRELIM PAPERS* I have prelim papers up till 2018. Just ask. I’ll also try my best to give you some good advice :))


All notes are softcopy.

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