O level history notes (2273, 2174)


90 pages total, all on google docs

for 2273 combined, all chapters are included (from unit 2 and unit 3 textbooks)

for 2174 pure, all chapters included except unit 4 chapter 3 (vietnam decolonisation), it was taken out for 2020 batch

ive been working on this for 2 years since the start of sec3 until my o levels ended in sec4. i made this based off textbook, powerpoint slides, and notes my school gave, and seq questions from other schools that i reviewed my mistakes and added into my notes. so basically its very comprehensive and specific.

everythings also neatly organised so you can use these notes to answer literally every seq question, it provides sufficient contextual knowledge for sbq. it is organised based on reasons, impacts, with factors + examples categorised, so its easy to any example to support your argument

i also consistently get high 80s for hist from sec3, and i got 85 for my hist sec4 prelim (2020) for my so i hope it lends these notes some credibility

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