SUSS BUS201 Contract and Agency Law Secret Package


Secret Package GUARANTEED to help you ace your BUS201 exam/TOA with flying colours!. Very useful in my exam, have not received results yet. It stays at $50 for now, but price may vary depending on my grades when released end of June. If I score an A, price will be increased, so DONT miss this OPPORTUNITY!

Package includes:

-Comprehensive Notes from SU1-6.

-Class Seminar Slides (Very useful in getting 90-100 for participation marks!)

-Compiled Additional Practice with Solutions -Cheat Sheets (very useful in scoring good grades)

-Comprehensive step-by-step solutions for PYP (Jan 2018, July 2018. Jan 2019, July 2019, Jan 2020, July 2020, Jan 2021).

-FREE academic support! I will share my whatsapp number with you and you can ask me any questions should you have enquiries.

Other modules on offer (Modules listed will be updated every sem):

- BUS105 - Statistics ACC201

- Financial Accounting BUS107

- Quantitative Analysis

Payment method: Paylah! / Paynow /Bank Transfer. Package will be delivered immediately upon payment via email (max 4-5 hours delay)

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