Can be used for secondary school essays as well!

a. RI content packages Essential topics like media, social issues, science and technology, politics, war, government, etc are included in the content packages. I found these notes to be very informative and extremely useful in my revision for GP before exams.

b. personal content notes Large range of topical notes that are extremely comprehensive. Geared for exams, these notes are concise and summarised but are jam packed with everything you need for your essay! With relevant and recent examples, these notes have definitely helped me to score in the top band for my school internal exams. Materials are sourced from GP lessons, consults with my GP tutor, magazines like Broader Perspectives and TIMES, and tuition notes from School of Thought.

c. miscallenous content notes from other schools like CJC, NJC and HCI For & Against Database from HCI which discusses many hard-hitting topics that make for very interesting reading. Topical content notes from NJC and CJC are also in the drive (many, many pages - they took me forever to scan).


I have a huge database of essay outlines, and they cover a wide range of topics. I spent so much time coming up with these outlines, typing out outlines taught in school and doing them up in my own time using my content packages as reference. There are so many outlines I didn't even bother counting how many there are, but there are a lot, trust me.


Scanned soft copy of tuition notes from reputable GP tuitions like School of Thought, Learner's Lodge and Irwin's Study are available.

04. NEWS

From consistently reading the news and using materials from seniors, I've compiled a huge database of news articles that I felt were interesting and relevant to what we were learning in GP. I've accumulated news articles, news sheets, inputted my own personal opinions and arguments, etc. It's something that I'm really proud of because it's really my blood, sweat and tears :") I have material from 2010-2018 and these will be constantly updated every four months.


Over a hundred model essays are in the drive, in the form of KS Bull books, model essays from CJC and my own personal essays that have been praised by my GP tutor. 06. PAPER 2 Comprehension skills package and AQ skills package from RI available! I personally found these notes to be very useful and my AQ averaged at 6-8 in the second half of JC2 (was failing super badly in the first half before they gave us the notes). Can show you proof of my score if you're skeptical! 🙂 Singapore package also included to help you with your AQ since AQ requires heavy referrence to Singaporean society.

07. OTHER SCHOOLS' PRELIMS Many other schools' prelims available. Good for exposure and really, practice makes perfect. There's no use in reading materials day in and day out without applying the knowledge and making the concerted effort to consolidate your reading and compartmentalising relevant examples. Doing past year prelim papers helps to hone your skills in question analysis and time management.

April 27, 2020

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