January 19, 2020

Where To Find H1 GP Model Essays?

Do you always fail your general paper essays or simply can't improve your GP essay score? If your answer is yes, then you are probably studying wrongly and ineffectively with the wrong materials!

Here, let me introduce https://gpessays.sg - a collection of model essays written by real Singapore students from top JCs (Raffles Instituition and Hwa Chong Institution). Imagine you can read and learn from essays written by strong GP students and you emulate their writing style, good phrases and expression and sophisticated examples and apply them to your own essay, how great would your own essay be? With our materials, you can expect to see huge jump in your essay grade in less than a months time!

For just $27 (or <$0.40 per essay), you can freely access to more than 50+ essays on our website using your phone or computer, anytime and anywhere! It's now so easy to access, read and learn from the model GP essays! Whether you are on the MRT or you just have some spare time, you have no excuse to not read and learn from the essays!

If you prefer hard copy, you can easily print out the essays that you want to focus on! There is no need to carry big books of GP essays like ever before when you only study only one or two pages! The best part is our essays are categorised into themes (e.g. technology, education, proverty, politics etc), and you can easily sort out all the essays based on themes and study those essays from themes you plan to tackle during exams!

Unlike essays books you find on traditional bookstore, we frequently update our essay bank so that you can read the latest essays using the latest examples and remain relevant when you are writing your own essays! How great is that?

We are selling an UNLIMITED access at only $27, comparable to the traditional model essays book out in the bookstore that is not updated. If you would like some samples, simply head down to your website https://gpessays.sg and view our essays preview!

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